What are tachyons?


Tachyons are subatomic particles that move faster than light. They have real energy, but imaginary mass. The physicists Sudershan (1962) and Feinberg (1967) postulated the existence of such particles only on the basis of mathematical considerations, Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Gerald Feinberg gave the name Tachyons to this particle, derived from the Greek word “tachys” (meaning very fast).

But long before Tachyons were the subject of an established theory, independent researchers had undertaken specific studies assuming the existence of such particles, they carried out experiments to benefit from the energies associated with these particles. The famous and brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, who among other things invented alternating current, is said to have driven a car thanks to these energies – a car which however then disappeared (was it because a car without the need for gasoline , using only the energy of the surrounding field, was not allowed?)

It is quite possible that ancient civilizations already knew how to use Tachyon energy and knew, for example, that linen can serve as a natural antenna for this energy (which is why priests often wore linen clothes), or that one can capture this energy with crystals in a certain arrangement.

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Where do Tachyons come from?

Where do Tachyons come from?


Tachyons are part of the high frequency cosmic rays existing everywhere in space. The primary source of Tachyons is the Galactic Central Sun, located at the center of our galaxy. This galactic center is called Sagitarius A, and is located in the constellation of Sagittarius. Astronomers who study only the purely material components of the universe say that this center is a black hole with a mass about 4 million that of the sun.

Properties of Tachyons

  • The origin of tachyons lies beyond our space-time dimension
  • Tachyons are ubiquitous throughout the universe.
  • Tachyons are transmitters of information and

    impulses (stimuli), which reset the original/spiritual information in living matter. They hold the blueprint for everything that exists, from the most subtle to the densest levels.

  • During the process of creation, the formless zero-point energy is condensed into superluminal tachyons. It is the first formed energy that emerges from the zero point.
  • Tachyons qualitatively contain everything that is included in zero-point energy. It is the interface between the Uncreated and any manifestation of the created.
  • All that has been created has been structured, coded and manifested in its original form in a perfect way through Tachyons.
  • Tachyons decrease entropy (that tendency toward disorder, the removal of structures), they build, balance, harmonize in a holistic sense, creating order out of chaos, and energizing the energy matrix that is within. origin of our emotional, mental, etheric and physical bodies.
  • Tachyons can harmonize electromagnetic emissions and provide excellent protection against all forms of electro-smog.
  • Tachyons, by their very nature, can therefore be used for therapeutic purposes, serve as a source of energy, and be used for the transmission of information.
What do Tachyons bring us? Que nous apportent les Tachyons ?

What do Tachyons bring us?

Human beings are made of a complex energetic structure composed of several “bodies” that vibrate at different levels/dimensions of the vast multidimensional continuum of the universe.

Human beings are made up of a complex energetic structure made up of several “bodies” that vibrate at different levels/dimensions of the vast multidimensional continuum of the universe.

To naturally maintain health and harmony in our life, life energies flow freely through the subtle bodies and the physical body of human beings. But if parts of our subtle system are blocked, for whatever reason, these energies or information from Source can no longer penetrate and flow through the various levels of our complex being, from the most subtle to the most dense: our physical body! Many disturbances or disorders in the physical body originate from these specific blockages in the subtle bodies.

Traditional allopathic medicine calls them psychosomatic or autoimmune diseases.

Nowadays, many so-called holistic energy healing methods use this knowledge of the subtle bodies. A difficulty however is that most of them work on a specific range of frequencies. This means that the treatment is only effective if the energy method then applied reaches the frequency necessary for the positive re-information of the defective subtle part.

In addition to the technique used, the amplitude of an energy frequency also depends on the general, holistic state (body, soul, spirit) of the practitioner…

Tachyons do not have this restriction. They include all frequencies. Reaching us from the depths of the universe, like super-luminal messengers (faster than the speed of light), tachyons carry pure, original information and are able to provide our subtle bodies, and by natural consequence to our physical body, all the restructuring information that our complex body needs, and of which the Universe keeps memory.

Contact with tachyons provokes a stimuli in all living beings, stimuli which trigger a process of return to a state of general balance and harmonious health.



Frequently Asked Questions

To have an experience or a journey of visits in a tachyon chamber is to be in search of one's well-being, no doubt in a spiritual and very personal journey. This must be seen as a step in a global approach of an individual in his journey of life and work on himself, both physical and elevation of his being. Of course, the Tachyon chamber cannot replace medical treatment of any kind or a medical consultation. We invite you in the event of a health problem to, of course, consult your doctor.