Tachyon Paris

Tachyon Paris

Discover the Paris tachyon chamber.

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Let’s create our timeline and manifest the Golden Age of humanity through this meditation.

Liberation of the planet

labitation of the planet
Let's reconnect with the stars
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Let's reconnect with the stars


Let’s connect with the divine energy of tachyons, stars and the universe.

The tachyon chambers bring us a certain well-being but also to find a connection to our essence, our inner divinity.

Tachyon Paris Chamber, Chambre à Tachyons

Tachyon Chamber

Discover the Tachyon Paris Chamber and its benefits. What are tachyons? Where do they come from ? What are their properties?

How it take place ? Déroulement d'une chambre

How it take place ?

How does a session take place? Discover prices, recommendations, testimonials and dosages.

Pierres de Cintamani, Cintamani stones

Cintamani stones

Cintamani is a sacred stone that originates from the Sirius star system. Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching Earth.



Frequently Asked Questions

To have an experience or a journey of visits in a tachyon chamber is to be in search of one's well-being, no doubt in a spiritual and very personal journey. This must be seen as a step in a global approach of an individual in his journey of life and work on himself, both physical and elevation of his being. Of course, the Tachyon chamber cannot replace medical treatment of any kind or a medical consultation. We invite you in the event of a health problem to, of course, consult your doctor.


2 sessions. During the 1st session, I felt a well-being as if I were in a cocoon. The face that warms up as it goes along and the body in weightlessness. Lots of crown chakra activity, like waves and then an opening. During the 2nd session, always this incredible well-being. Heat and weightlessness, neck work and lots of purple light vision. I haven't slept, but I felt myself leaving at one point, it's so soothing. Well you will have understood that I took a subscription. As well as my husband and my 13 year old. 5 stars for Farid's welcome. Go for it 🦋

Hello, I am at 19 sessions... 13 face-to-face and 6 remotely, I must say that the experience is fabulous, an incredible letting go on a daily basis, pain and health concerns disappeared .... spectacular lightness and lucidity , a feeling of immense love and an inner peace generating all my ills .... I can only recommend this experience and wish that a maximum of people can come true in this pure light .....

I felt called to discover the Tachyon Chamber. After the bedroom I felt that I had received an inexplicable care that made me grow from within. Much gratitude to have met the chamber. Thank you!

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